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Tips to Help You Use an Industrial Electric Heater Safely

Industrial electric heaters can be a convenient way to add temporary heat to a space. You may need additional heat because of temporary construction or because a space is just too cold for the cooler seasons. Whatever the reason, electric heaters are a good solution.

When industrial electric heaters or residential space heaters are not used correctly, they can become fire hazards. According to the National Fire Protection Association, problems with heating equipment are the 2nd highest cause of house fires in the United States. It is important to use electric heaters properly to ensure safety.

Always read the owner’s manual for your particular type of electric heater. In general, the following tips on using industrial electric heaters and residential electric heaters correctly is a good place to start:

1) Check for Safety Seal– Before you purchase your industrial electric heater, make sure it is tested for safety. There should be a sticker or label affixed to the heater that states which safety organization tested it.

2) Check for Damage – Give your heater a once over to make sure that there is no obvious damage to the plug, cable, or exterior. A worn plug on an industrial electric heater or a residential space heater can be a dangerous fire hazard. There should not be any cracks in the exterior of the heater, either.

3) Heater Placement – Never place an industrial electric heater or a residential space heater in a high-traffic area. Electric heaters should be placed at least 3 feet away from anything or anyone. Make sure it is used only when flat on the floor. Never place them on a table or desk. Keep industrial electric heaters away from flammable surfaces, like rugs and carpets.

4) Plug into Appropriate Power Source – Always follow the instructions when plugging in your electric heater. An innovative industrial electric heater like those at KCD Energy Company LLC are made to plug directly into their heat distribution panels. Never use power strips or extension cables that are not expressly recommended by the manufacturer.

5) Use Only to Warm the Air – Do not place foreign objects on or near an industrial electric heater or a residential space heater in order to warm or dry them. For example, do not place wet clothes or damp work boots on or near the heater. Anything flammable near the heater is a fire hazard.

6) Be Prepared – Whether you are using an industrial electric heater or a residential space heater, always be prepared for a fire. Make sure fire detectors are installed on every floor and especially near bedrooms. Also make sure there are adequate fire extinguishers available for the space. Everyone who works or lives in the space should be well prepared in case of emergency.

When these safety measures are in place and followed properly, there should be very little risk when using an industrial electric heater or residential space heater. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly and you’ll be able to stay toasty warm and safe.

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