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The Solution for Cold Weather Productivity: How Used Industrial Heaters Can Help Your Business

Winter is closing in quickly. In some parts of the country, the temperatures are already below freezing. Work doesn’t stop just because the seasons change. Industrial portable heaters allow work to continue during the freezing winter months, but they can be costly. Looking for a used heater for sale is a good cost-saving strategy for any business.

Cost Savings

Unheated construction sites and outdoor tented events require portable 60 kW electric heaters to keep the spaces adequately warm, even when the outside temperatures are below freezing. Your guests cannot enjoy themselves at an outdoor event if they are preoccupied with being cold. Your worksite employees cannot work to their potential when they are freezing all day. Portable industrial heaters are important for the efficiency of any outdoor work or event space. These units can be costly to purchase new, and renting can add up over time. Used heaters for sale are a great way to save money and stay warm.

Look for used heaters for sale that are in excellent condition. You can often find never-used older heater models for sale on the KCD Energy website. This is a great way to get a fantastic price on a unit that still has many years of use left in it. Avoid buying used industrial heaters that have been in use for some time. They may end up costing you in repairs and premature replacement.

Buying vs. Renting

It is common for companies to rent industrial portable heaters for the winter season because the cost of buying new units is a financial obstacle. When you purchase used 60 kW heaters, like the ones at KCD Energy, you will save money in the long run. You save so much finding a used heater for sale that renting will no longer make fiscal sense.

On top of the fiscal benefits of finding a used heater for sale rather than renting, it is also more convenient to own a portable industrial heater. Worksite employees will appreciate having access to heater units on unseasonably cooler spring, summer, or fall days. It is much less hassle to have a used portable industrial heater on hand than it is to rent one every time a chilly day happens along.


When looking at used heaters for sale, look for units that have never been used or that have only been used a few times. These almost-new units will give you reliable heat for a long time. Units that are around five years old, but which have never or rarely been used, are the best deals. The prices are good, and the brands have been in use long enough to be proven reliable. These older units are also easier to fix. They use common components that are durable and replaceable.

Used heaters for sale should be purchased from a reliable company, like KCD Energy. They stock used heaters for sale that are commercial grade, heavy duty, and well-priced. Their customer service team can help you find the perfect used heater for your specific needs.

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