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Heater Distribution Panel – 3 phase



200 amp heater distribution panel
NEMA 3R (outdoor use)
Rated for 208 volt or 480 volt use
UL listed

Power in: Series 16 cam lock (male)
3 individual phase cables
1 ground cable

Power out: (4) 50 amp 3 phase twist lock receptacles
Rated for 208 volt or 480 volt use
All outputs protected by branch circuit breakers

Dimensions: 28.5″ H X 22″ W X 15″ D
Weight: 45 lbs.

Made in the USA


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Construction can be a tricky, dirty, and largely uncomfortable business. All around us, new land developments are breaking ground, and production never stops. This means that, for the half of the year that the temperatures go from chilly to frigid, electricians, carpenters, and construction laborers are toiling amid some pretty nasty conditions ranging from windy to bitingly cold snow.

On top of that, your construction site is always going to be a sprawling, open area prone to nature’s viciously cold onslaughts, and your team needs a site that is comfortable, safe, and easy to work in. This means consistently heating up spaces that range between hundreds to tens of thousands of square feet for long durations of time. For a heater that works long, hard hours like you and your crew, you can’t settle for less.

Three Phase Construction Heaters

There are a wide variety of construction heaters for many purposes, but often, these are small isolated forced-air units that run on propane or kerosene, can run out of fuel, and can often only be run intermittently. In addition, many of these units are geared for smaller, one-room sites or garages, and because many of them run on fuels, they can’t be used in enclosed spaces due to the possibility of breathing in exhaust fumes.

If you’re operating on a large job site and you’re a prudent contractor who values the safety of his or her employees above all considerations, fuel-driven heaters that only heat up limited spaces and run on expensive fuels just will not do. For the best heaters that warm up the broadest ranges with the most power over the longest time, there’s no question that the right choice is to invest in three phase construction heaters. 

KCD Energy’s three phase construction heaters are powerful, rugged, easily portable, and long-lasting, and are the perfect fit for your construction site. But if your site is wide and open, one construction heater may not be enough. It might be necessary to have a few three phase construction heaters on hand to ensure total heat coverage. To properly and safely distribute power to your heaters, KCD Energy offers a novel and innovative solution in an all-in-one-package: three phase heater distribution panels.

Three Phase Heater Distribution Panels

For years, construction companies have often made their own electrical panels to source power to all of their equipment. These panels were often bolted to a slab of plywood and beaten and damaged from constant use. Their sockets were not locked and did not contain circuit breakers, so it was common for these units to malfunction, arc, and possibly shock an unsuspecting worker.

With KCD Energy’s three phase heater distribution panels, we take the guesswork out of complicated construction heater hookups with an easy, all-in-one unit that is built to accommodate all of your three phase construction heaters into one central outlet. Our powerful 200 amp three phase heater distribution panels boast several handy and safety features, and are NEMA 3R rated for outdoor use.

Some features include:

  • Options for 280 volt or 480 volt operation
  • Series 16 cam lock outlets designed to keep units from dislodging
  • Branch circuit breakers on all outlets, preventing dangerous high-amp and high-volt shocks and risks of fatal electrocution
  • A portable 45 lbs. with 28.5″ H x 22″ W x 15″ D dimensions 

Heaters by KCD Energy

Discerning contractors know they have choices and want the best performance in the safest way possible for their hard-working employees. Three phase construction heaters and three phase heater distribution panels by KCD Energy are the easy and convenient way to keep up your productivity during even the harshest and biting winter months.

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