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1500 WATT Electric Radiant Heater Model 5118


Electric Radiant Heater Model 5118

120 Volts – 12.5 Amps – 1500 WATT – 5118 BTU

Pedestal mounted for clean appearance, suitable for dining areas or entrances.  Plugs into a standard 110 VAC outlet.


Electric Radiant Heater Model 5118 Outdoor-Indoor-single phase 

120 Volts – 12.5 Amps

1500 WATT

5118 BTU

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, these heaters are Horton supplied on a stylish 6′ stand (some minor assembly required).

Great for restaurant outdoor seating, parking valet waiting areas, smoking areas at events, and anywhere people have to stand in line outside.

In Stock, available for immediate delivery.

Infrared heaters are not affected by wind or drafts, as they warm people and objects, not the air. The heaters are rain and snow resistant, are made with a powder-coated aluminum body, and are lightweight.

Application Note: Because these heaters are so powerful, only one heater can be plugged into a common wall outlet circuit. Plugging two or more heaters on the same circuit will almost certainly overload the circuit trip the C/B.

This product is available for rent. Please Contact us for pricing on rentals.

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