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60 kW electric heater


60 kW electric heater, 221,780 btu’s

480 volt, cam lock connections, 96 amps.

Capable of 300 degree output air temperatures (adjustable).


65 kW electric heater, 221,780 btu’s, 480 volt, cam lock connections, Capable of 300 degree output air temperatures (adjustable).  Cam lock connections.  Hi/low fan speed control.

2,000 cfm, 3″ static pressure

44.25″ high, 29″ wide, 70.5″ long

96 amps @ 480 volts

This 60 kW electric heater is about 5 years old, never been in use.

These are commercial grade, heavy duty heaters designed for many years of reliable use.  2,000 cfm and 3″ of static pressure push through long duct runs with ease.  300 degree output temperature is useful when you need to heat a very large space, or, are trying to achieve high room temperatures for exterminating.   These units are several years old, but have been carefully stored and never put in service.  All components are common, replaceable, and durable.

Heavy duty locking casters, Nema 3R control panel, cam lock connections for cable (minimum suggested cable size is #2).

KCD Energy is pleased to offer refurbished, commercial grade 60 kW electric heaters. Whether you are looking to heat a large space or require high heat for extermination, this unit can provide the heat you need. Our 60 kW electric heaters provide convenient, dry electric tent heat for large commercial spaces as well as for temporary special event locations.


Our commercial grade 60 kW electric heaters have many additional features. These heavy-duty heaters run at 96 amps at 480 volts and with 221,780 btu’s. The maximum heat output is rated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which is adjustable using the Nema 3R control panel. The fan speed on these 60 kW electric tent heaters is also adjustable, from low to high.

There is no need to worry about a long duct because our 60 kW electric heaters push air through the system at 2,000 cfm with 3” of static pressure. The camlock connectors on these units are convenient because they are the same type of electrical single pole connector that is commonly used with other portable electric heating.

Our 60 kW electric heaters have heavy-duty locking casters keep the heater safely in place, yet allow it to be easily portable.


There are many applications for commercial-grade 60 kW electric heaters. They are often used in large and drafty construction sites in the cold winter months. The high and hot output of these heavy-duty electric heaters allows them to quickly heat a large space.

Industry professionals will appreciate the speed at which our 60 kW electric heaters can warm a big area. The clean, electric heat is perfect for large construction sites that need to continue to be productive, even on the coldest days. Portable 60 kW electric heaters are further ideal for construction sites because then can be easily moved and set up in the next area where the crew is working.

Temporary special events are often heated using a 60 kW electric tent heater. This allows a drafty tent area or unheated space to become comfortable for the guests in a short period of time. Even on the coldest day, event planners and event coordinators can rely on the fast and adjustable heat that this unit pumps out. The portable nature of this kind of electric heater makes it useful for special event companies to have in their inventory for weddings, outdoor socially distanced events, and more.

Portable 60 kW electric heaters are useful for many different spaces. They can be used to heat cold stairwells, to combat the cold air entering through the door of a hotel lobby, and can even heat up cold mechanical rooms and temporary medical facilities where freezing temperatures can be a serious issue.

Shipping Options

At KCD Energy, we offer shipping of 60kW electric heaters to all US states and territories including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. We also ship internationally in North America to Canada and Mexico. All customs and import fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Contact Us

If you are not sure if a 60 kW electric tent heater is right for your particular application, contact KCD Energy by phone or email. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you plan the perfect heating solution for your construction site, warehouse, temporary medical facility or special event.

At KCD Energy, we have many years of experience with commercial-grade portable 60 kW electric heaters. Our professional team members will be able to recommend the perfect product for you. Don’t be left shivering in the cold. Contact us with any questions you might have about heating your space.

KCD Energy is located in Medford with satellite offices in Patchogue and Miller Place.


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