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30 kW Heater



102,300 BTU’s
1,100 CFM
Temperature rise: 143 degrees

30 kW
480 volt, 3 phase
36 amps
50 amp, 3 phase twist lock plug on 4’ cord (Included & attached)

Weight: 73 lbs.

Simple safe operation
Screens on both air intake and output openings
Thermostat adjustment: 40 – 100 degrees
High-limit thermal cutout switch
10” wheels
Fan only operation
ETL listed


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Construction sites often have a contractor-built wall panel with the equipment, the tools, and heaters either hard-wired in, or rigged up in a way that makes it hard to tear down when you’re done. As your jobs get more frequent, this can pose a problem. If you’re building during the fall or winter months, you no doubt have a bunch of 30kW construction heaters rigged up to amply heat your outdoor or uninsulated workspace, and they’re often big, clunky, inefficient, and difficult to pack up at the end.

So if you’re tired of clunky heaters taking up time to set up in your workspace by rigging them up the old way, maybe it’s time to change to a heater that’s more efficient (uses up less kW and amperage), easily portable, and a snap to set up. At KCD Energy, we’re one step ahead of the curve, selling innovative 30kW portable building heaters with contractors in mind. Here’s how to put some of these features to easy work for you: 

More Energy Efficient

Using up too much juice on one circuit can often pose a problem for contractors. Our 30kW construction site heater (compatible with KCD Energy’s 3-phase heat distributor panel) comes equipped with shielded plugs, ensuring there’s no way it will arc off of metal or another circuit. We believe 30kW construction heaters should always provide more heat for less energy. These construction site heaters use just 30kW to generate over 102,000 BTUs of heat at 1,100 cubic feet per minute of air displacement. 


At a slight 73 pounds, and equipped with 10-inch bearing-pressed treaded wheels, our 30kW construction heaters are a breeze to tote around. The simple structural design makes it ideal for storage in construction vans or tool trailers, and the durable tubular metal construction can resist impacts from dropped tools and construction materials. 

Easy Setup

The simple yet effective construction makes our forced air heaters a cinch to set up. They can be wheeled up and down between floors on construction sites and can be easily rotated. The real beauty of this building heater, though, is that it doesn’t have to be hard-wired in or connected using industrial connectors. KCD Energy’s 100,000 BTU forced-air heaters come with easy twist-lock connectors (compatible with the 3-phase heater distribution panel) that tighten securely, and greatly lowers the risk of an arc or a sudden disconnection from power. 


Finally, 30kW construction heaters shouldn’t just be durable and stand up to anything, but they should also be rugged, lasting, and consistent. A powerful 480 volt (@ 36 amps) 3 phase electric motor can work long hours on a high duty cycle. Screens on both the air intake and the output openings ensure that your 30kW construction heaters remain free from large flakes of debris. The versatile thermostat can be adjusted to any point between 40 and 100 degrees and has a high-limit thermal cutout switch for added safety. 

The Best 30kW Construction Heaters

A keen investment in the efficiency of your worksite is a rugged forced-air 30kW heater. Our 30kW construction heaters from KCD Energy are the latest cutting-edge designs in sleek, light, portable, and powerful construction heaters. Finding the best 100,000 BTU 30kW construction site heaters is as simple as contacting KCD Energy.

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