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2/0 50Ft Cable



2/0 50Ft feeder cables (four required) are used between the 2/0 pigtails and the heater distribution panel. Maximum distance allowed between the 2/0 pigtails and the heater distribution panel is 300’ before deration may be required.

50’ 2/0 power cable
Rated for 300 amps (open air)
Cam lock ends
Type W insulation

Made in the USA
(*) Note four cables are required (3 phase cables and one ground, no neutral required).
Heaters are sensitive to phase rotation.


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Not sure if you have the right cable? For anybody who relies on their heater, don’t forget that you must understand the kind of electric heat cable that you will need for safety and to keep everything running smoothly.

Why have the right electric heat cable?

Heat is essential to all aspects of the construction industry. Heat keeps things running smoothly and keeps your crew working more productively. An electric heat cable keeps the heaters running, and helps dry up mold, thaws out frozen areas, and allows paint to dry, among so many other things. It is thanks to a quick and steady supply of heat that temporary work spaces and clinics are able to spring up where needed quickly during the COVID pandemic.

In a plug & play network of heating systems, the cable is very important. In industry, and in areas where temporary work spaces need to get put together fast, what was used in the past was construction heaters using kerosene, or propane. Using gas and open flame is often not convenient, cost-effective nor safe. An electrical system that is very convenient is one that uses portable electric heaters. These construction heaters can be moved around easily so the heat is where it needs to be. It’s a simple system that uses three phase and single phase voltage systems. They are portable, and therefore very manageable.

This construction heater system requires an electric heat cable that is powerful, convenient and easy to use by anyone. What is required here is a 2/0 50’ power cable that feeds between the 2/0 pigtails and the distribution cable. For switching between the heat phases, look for cam locks on the ends, and a 300 amp rating.

Some cautions

On a job site, construction site, or a temporary site, two things are essential — heat and an electrical system, and for a job site, this is going to require care and attention. Our systems makes it easier and safer, but it is best to take care and be sure of what you need. Portable heaters can be dangerous when care is not taken. Here are some cautions to double check. Be sure that you have the right amount of electric heat cable for the needs. If the cable is 50 feet long, you may need as many as four to move between the pigtails and distribution panel. Don’t have too few, but be careful to check the maximum number. That would be four for a 300 foot distance.

These electric heat cables have type W insulation and cam lock ends on either side for safety. Just twist the lock on each end of the electric heat cable, flip the switch and the heat will be as needed, where ever it is needed, whether its 208 or 480 volts.

No worries

The best thing about our plug & play construction heaters and the electric heat cable that they switch easily on the three phase system. Re-wiring every time a move happens is no longer necessary, and worry about use of propane or kerosene in open areas is also a thing of the past. Buy what you need, and no longer worry about renting materials, or bringing in electricians just to manage the heat. You can have heat where and when you need it and put it away when you don’t.  Our heaters are also almost completely silent, which further adds to safety on the job site.

If you are interested in an electric heat cable and want to be sure you have everything you need, talk to KCD Energy for more information.

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