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15 kW Heater


51,500 BTU’s
15 kW, 208 volt


51,100 BTU’s
800 CFM
Temperature rise: 57 degrees

15 kW
208 volt, 3 phase
42 amps
50 amp, 3 phase twist lock plug on 4’ cord (included & attached)

Weight: 72 lbs.

Simple safe operation
Screens on both air intake and output openings
Thermostat adjustment: 40 – 100 degrees
High-limit thermal cutout switch
10” wheels
Fan only operation
ETL listed


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Wet trades can’t work at all, flooring glue doesn’t work, paint cannot be applied, and ceiling tiles warp, during those long winter months, getting warm can be a challenge for construction workers. The good news is, our construction heaters are designed to make worksites work, and a whole lot more comfortable. Our 15 kW construction heaters are designed with flexibility in mind. These units are truly portable and can be moved from one room to the next without having to stop and re-wire with every room change. No struggling with wiring; our portable industrial electric heaters make the heat flexible without adding extra work.

Why are three phase systems a better option? Three phase portable heaters are more efficient and can bring down construction costs by saving energy. Our 15 kW construction heaters are designed to lose less energy to heat, acting as a more sustainable heating method compared to many other heaters on the market.

While common construction heaters use natural gas, which blow products of combustion (such as carbon monoxide) around the worksite, our electrical 15 kW construction heater warms and cycles air through the area without combustion by-products. Our portable industrial electric heaters are designed to heat up a worksite safely and efficiently.

These 15 kW construction heaters can be used to heat up those stubbornly cold places on the work site. For winter construction, these portable electric heaters are truly a life saver and are sure to make everyone’s day more comfortable and productive. Working in the cold is never enjoyable and it can be challenging to stay motivated when your body is working hard to keep you warm. With our portable shop heaters, you can stay focused on the task at hand and leave the need to provide warmth to the heater.

Our 3-phase 15 kW construction heaters have a temperate rise of 57 Fahrenheit. The three phase system is designed for use in commercial heaters and industrial heating applications. Once a panel is installed, you can move your 15 kW construction heater from location to location without having to call in an electrician. With our three phase system, you don’t have to worry about phase rotation issues. While our portable shop heaters are three phase systems, they are not sensitive to phase rotation as the fan within the heater is single phase.

The 15 kW construction heater is not only convenient but is also a hard-working machine that achieves impressive temperature rise in a short period of time. In a 1,000 square foot room, the 15 kW industrial heater can result in a 20 Fahrenheit temperature rise in 47 minutes. For a 40 Fahrenheit temperature rise, you are looking at 94 minutes. When you double down with a 2,000 square foot room, a 20 Fahrenheit temperature rise can be achieved in roughly an hour and a half with a 40 Fahrenheit rise coming in around the three-hour mark.

Wondering how the thermostat on our construction heaters work? The thermostat in our 15 Kw construction heaters sense return air temperatures. Once the incoming air reaches the desired temperature set by the heater, the electric elements begin to shut off and come back on automatically to maintain desired room temperature. While a simple process, these portable industrial electric heaters can transform a work site and boost everyone’s spirits by keeping them warm and comfortable.

To ensure the 15 kW construction heater is operating effectively and safely, it is important to make sure the heater is installed and operated according to manufacturer’s instructions. Not sure what size of heater you need? Contact us today and we can help you narrow down what size is the right fit for your needs.

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