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How to Choose the Right Heater for Tents

A tent is not a permanent structure, but a heating system usually is. The right heaters for tents, then, would be portable and easily set up and taken down again. Will any kind of heater work inside a tent? How can you choose the right heaters for tents?

Whether you are searching for a small heater for a small camping tent, or if there are much bigger stakes involved, such as the need to heat a much larger tent, such as an event or a party tent, or even for a tent that is a temporary workplace set up, it is important to have safe and appropriate heaters for tents.

To determine between types of heaters for tents, there are some essential things to consider. Remember that heat inside a tent is not just necessary for human comfort, but it is also needed to keep things dry inside. That will reduce damage to the tent from water, mold, and mildew.

How big is the tent and how much heat will it require?

The number of BTUs of heat needed per hour is determined by the cubic volume of the tent, multiplied by the height of the tent, multiplied by the amount of insulation present. For a big tent, that maybe 360,000 BTU per hour. Heat is essential for any tent for purposes of safety and comfort. Another question when looking at the right heaters for tents is how much time it would take to achieve the level of heat you require.

What will the source of power be? Will it require electricity or fuel?

Of course, if you want to use electric heaters for tents, then you must be near a source of electricity. This is not always easy in areas where tents are set up, but it is possible. If the purpose of the tent is for camping far from civilization, electricity will likely be scarce!

However, electricity is possible in an event tent or a temporary workspace, and that would certainly be preferable to propane or natural gas. It would certainly be more useful to have a heater for tents with a convenient power source. This provides heat where you need it.

Is the heater safe, and is it easy to control?

If you have to heat a tent for any reason, you will need to consider heaters for tents that are both safe and convenient. That means the heater should move around easily to be where the heat needs to be. This is more cost-efficient than determining the size of output and fuel. When you are choosing heaters for tents, what is essential is that they do the job without causing stress. If you are concerned about safety inside the tent, heaters for tents should fall within code and size and fuel specifications.

Are the heaters for tents rentals, or will you purchase the heater outright?

It is more cost-efficient to buy the heater if you plan to use it over and over. If heaters for tents are a regular need, then having one that is simple and portable is a game-changer. Click here for more information.

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