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Helpful Tips in Buying a Three Phase Heater Distribution Panel

Electrical systems are often the key part of a job site, whether it is a construction site, or a commercial or industrial site. When it comes to heating, especially portable heating systems, the electrical systems related to them are going to be high amperage, which means they are dangerous if not properly handled. Residential sites and construction sites often only use single-phase heater systems for when they get into the months of the year when it is cold and a certain heat level needs to be maintained. However, using three phase heater distribution panels is often more highly recommended.

With larger construction sites, as well as commercial and industrial sites, portable heating needs may be significantly higher, which is why three-phase heaters are important. For proper energy management of three-phase heaters, your best course is to be using three phase heater distribution panels, which are able to handle multiple three phase heaters at the same time safely. The following are some helpful tips for buying a three phase heater distribution panel for your site.

Find a Panel with Sufficient Amperage for Your Needs

When dealing with electrical distribution systems, you are most often concerned about two values: the amperage (A) and the voltage (V) that the system can accommodate. With the three-phase heaters that you are using on your sites you should know their requirements for both A and V. The right three phase heater distribution panels for you are the ones that are going to be sufficient for your heaters’ needs. For example, if you have 3 heaters, each are 30 kW, 480 V 3 phase, 36 A, with 50 A three phase input plugs, then you are going to need a three phase heater distribution panel that can output 480 V and 50 A on each output, so at least 3 outputs, and a total of 150A or more support.

Find a “Plug & Play” Distribution Panel

Finding a good quality distribution panel is good, but what makes a good panel great is if it is easy to manage. Finding yourself a distribution panel that is “plug & play” can greatly speed up the set up time of three phase heater distribution panels, and this means you can plug in or unplug heaters as needed without having to shut down the overall system. “Plug & play” is also likely to mean they are highly portable, which is great for a contractor, to be able to easily move them site to site with quick setup so you can get to the work at hand.

Ensure The Distribution Panel You Choose Has Quality Safety Features

Safety features are paramount when it comes to high voltage, high amperage electrical systems. Having three phase heater distribution panels with quality safety features is no different. If you’re going to be using your panels outdoors, they should be NEMA 3R rated in order to handle whatever weather, rain, or snow, that can be thrown at it. The input and output ports should also be twist locked so they can’t be easily pulled out accidentally. Each output should also be protected by branch circuit breakers to protect everything connected from surges. Like all electrical systems in the US, they should be at least UL listed to be confirmed that the product is safe for use.

Buy Your Distribution Panel from a Reputable Vendor

Lastly, you need to buy your three phase heater distribution panels from a reputable vendor, one that stands by their products and guarantees satisfaction with their products. If you are interested in three phase heater distribution panels, heaters, or other accessories, contact KCD Energy Company LLC today for help with your heating system. Click here to learn more.

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