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These Heater Queens Construction Site Systems Change Portable Industrial Heating Market

These new KCD Energy systems offer industry-changing heater Queens construction site capabilities. We bring you top notch portable Heaters for Queens construction sites and they are changing the portable industrial heating market because of the Plug & Play ability. Whether or not you need one industrial heater, a single heating panel, or an entire construction heating system we can set you up so that you can move your own systems easily and effectively and after the initial install the heaters can be moved and plugged in without the need for an electrician!

Place them where heat is needed and move them from location to location, site to site, floor to floor. Once the electrician sets up the KCD Energy panel for you, our locking plugs and cords and portable heaters let you experience the freedom and efficiency to go where you want when you want.

From the borough of Queens, or her surrounding areas, we can get you the top notch custom setup for your industrial heater system, and we are a local company so we can stand by assure you of a proper fit and adequate heating setup, whether it is for temporary and/or permanent construction sites and other events and areas. We strive to save you significantly over the cost of renting heating systems repeatedly. Our customers, fellow New York-ers swear by us!


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KCD Is King In Local Heater Queens Construction System For NY

Let us consult with you on your space's heating needs and then build a system to order that will be truly portable, utilizing our industrial heater's "Plug & Play" elements. If you want to add one portable construction heater, add another cable to your system, or acquire an entire network for Heater Queens Construction System, KCD Energy is ready to help you reach your goals and stay warm!

We commonly assist with apartments, complexes, party tents, and more. The Queens leading contractors, construction company's, party planners, and catering outfits rely on us in Queens and beyond to the metro New York region.

Call us now @ (516) 595-0731 and an experienced KCD Energy expert will happily answer any questions you may have. We strive to save you cost and effort. Please learn more here to see HOW IT WORKS.

Queens NY Events On-site Or Construction Region Heating

We have a system that can easily be gone over on the phone at your convenience to find the amount of heating power you will need to warm your space. It is partly your dimensions and the type of space that is in need and whether or not it is insulated and what kind of insulation is lining it. Our team can determine a proper Plug & Play system or heating unit for you quickly.

Besides construction zones, we provide the heating systems for events, like weddings, outdoor concerts, parties, shows, plays, graduation parties, ice skating areas, tents for music festivals, and art festivals throughout Queens NY, as well as New York City, New York, and in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

KCD Energy LLC is also selling systems for temporary construction sites, such as at or around school buildings or trailers, colleges, hospital facilities, medical and office buildings, and even some home renovations.

How To Size A Queens Industrial Heater

Our KCD Energy "Plug & Play" System is NEW and features 9 kW, 15 kW, and 30 kW electric heaters that are either in single phase or in three phase units, panels, and systems. These are portable so you can be move them as the construction progresses, without the need to re-wire every time you move by an electrician, even as you go from room to room.

KCD Energy provides the ability to buy construction heaters and an industrial heater system that has no rival in the surrounding Queens NY area.

Be sure to give us a call and let an expert help fit you for a custom heating system that will save you time, cost and effort!

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  1000 Sq Ft 1500 Sq Ft 2000 Sq Ft
  Temperature Rise Temperature Rise Temperature Rise
  20 F 40 F 20 F 40 F 20 F 40 F
15 kW heater 47 mins 94 mins 71 mins 142 mins 94 mins 188 mins
30 kW heater 23 mins 46 mins 35 mins 70 mins 47 mins 94 mins

* Based on a 15' ceiling height - lower ceiling height will reduce time required.

Ready To Shop For Industrial Heater Components In Queens?

Below are diagrams to help you determine what construction heater will meet your needs, and, of course, how it works with regards to the system being set up.

Once a panel is installed you can the industrial heaters from location to location on the premises yourself, without the need for an electrician.

Do you need a Single Phase setup, or a Three Phase setup?

Drop us a line today @ (516) 595-0731 for a free quote or click to view the Shop yourself!

We are serving construction sites in Queens NY here:

Northwestern Queens

Northeastern Queens

Central Queens

Southeastern Queens

Southwestern Queens

The Rockaways

We are serving construction sites in Staten Island NY here:

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