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Get The NEW Heater System That Changes Everything For Construction Sites!

KCD Energy Company brings you industrial heaters and systems where you are in control.

These are easily placed where heat is needed the most, portable without re-wiring or the need for an electrician.


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Our 15 kW portable industrial heaters are designed with flexibility in mind.

Find Out About Commercial Heaters, Portable Heat Systems & Construction Savings

If you need just one industrial heater, one cable, or an entire "Plug & Play" Construction Heater System, we can help.

Call us @ (516) 595-0731 now to learn from an experienced construction heating expert about what will fulfill your needs and save you money, or go here now to see HOW IT WORKS.

Learn More About How To Size Your Industrial Heater

This NEW "Plug & Play" System features 9 kW, 15 kW, and 30 kW electric heaters that are either single phase or three phase. These heaters are portable and can be moved as construction progresses, without re-wiring for every move, even from room to room.

KCD Energy provides the ability to purchase commercial heaters and an industrial heater system that has no rival.

It is literally a "Plug & Play" heater network that we have innovated for direct purchase.

Many choose the "rent industrial heater" route when in reality they can enjoy greater benefits and savings by buying an industrial heater from us.

Our customers range from the end-user, as opposed to a contractor, who knows they are going to have a heat problem every year, in a given area and would like to own the solution to their problem, to a contractor who is in a position to bill his client to solve a problem.

And when the problem is solved, the contractor takes the heaters back and keeps them for himself and future jobs.

We also have customers that are a traveling-type company, e.g. a tent rental business, or a contractor who is going to start in one part of the country and finish in another part of the country.

Since you own a working portable "Plug & Play" system, you are in complete control.

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  1000 Sq Ft 1500 Sq Ft 2000 Sq Ft
  Temperature Rise Temperature Rise Temperature Rise
  20 F 40 F 20 F 40 F 20 F 40 F
15 kW heater 47 mins 94 mins 71 mins 142 mins 94 mins 188 mins
30 kW heater 23 mins 46 mins 35 mins 70 mins 47 mins 94 mins

* Based on a 15' ceiling height - lower ceiling height will reduce time required.

Ready To Shop For Your Heating Components?

Below are diagrams to help you determine what construction heater will meet your needs, and, of course, how it works with regards to the system being set up.

Once a panel is installed you can the industrial heaters from location to location on the premises yourself, without the need for an electrician.

Do you need a Single Phase setup, or a Three Phase setup?

Drop us a line today @ (516) 595-0731 for a free quote or click to view the Shop yourself!

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