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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

1. Can I mix 15 kW and 30 kW heaters on the same panel?

No. The 15 kW heaters operate on 208 volts, the 30 kW heaters operate on 480 volts.

2. Can I use the same panel for 208 volts one day, and 480 volts the next?
Yes, the panel is rated for 480 volts. It can be used for any voltage 480 volt and below (such as 208). Of course not at the same time.







3. Since the heaters are 3 phase, are they sensitive to phase rotation?
No, our heaters are not sensitive to phase rotation. The fan in the heater is single phase, even on three phase heaters.  It is not sensitive to phase rotation.

4. Can I connect two 200 amp panels on one set of your 2/0 feeder cables?
No. 2/0 cable is only rated for 300 amps (open air). Connecting two 200 amp panels to 2/0 cable will overload it and of course would be dangerous. We can provide separate quotations for 4/0 cable (not shown on our website) if you really want to run two panels through one set of feeder cables.

5. What if I only need one heater?
We offer a female whip on the website, which once properly installed in your panel (or to your power source), will allow you to run just one heater, and not use our 200 amp heater panel.

6. Can these heaters be operated from a single phase power source?
Our single phase distribution panel is rated at 200 amps. Once wired to a 200 amp single phase power source (commonly found in home construction and as a temporary Service on a construction site), up to four 9 kW heaters can be plugged in and distributed around the space being heated.

7. How do I know what size heaters I need?
If you contact us with the dimensions of the space, we can run the numbers through our computer and give you an estimate.

8. Do you rent this system?
Our systems are available for rent, and various levels of installation assistance is available as well. No other company has our system available. Others will rent you heaters and tell you to hard wire every one. Please call for a Rental Proposal.

9. What size generator do I need?
The generator is directly related to all the heaters. If you have 4 X 30 kW heaters in use, the generator must be a minimum of 120 kW. In fact, it should be 20% oversized because most generators do not run under full load very well (they don’t build them the way they used too). Using the same rule, 4 X 15 kW heaters would require at least a 72 kW generator set. Larger generators are even better as they generally have larger fuel tanks and will allow longer running times as a result.

10. Do you rent generator sets?
We do not rent generator sets. When asked, we recommend national rental companies. What is important is that you order the generator set with a set of female cam lock connections. If you are powering more than one panel, you need a set of female cam locks for each panel. These will be included by the generator rental company at no charge.

11.  How does the thermostat work?

The thermostat senses return air temperature (temperature of the air entering the heater).  When the air coming into the heater reaches the desired temperature, the electric elements begin to shut off, and come back on, automatically, to maintain the desired temperature in the room.



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