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Construction Heaters – What they are, how they work

Who doesn’t want to be warm in the winter? And it’s not just in the winter, and it is not just people. Construction site heaters are essential to completing projects all year round, warming the workers, the places they work, and the things they work on. Construction site heaters are needed in places where there is no heat. What kinds of construction site heaters are available and how do they work? Let’s begin with what they are.

What are construction site heaters?

They are a temporary heating solution, and they are needed to keep employees comfortable, to stop water pipes from freezing, or to warm an area enough so that adhesives can set, concrete or paint can dry, wet areas will dry up, and the work can continue. Construction and heating processes do go together, but not all the processes need to be heated to the same temperature in the same way, or even to the same voltage (and that’s if there is electricity available). Construction site heaters are portable, or temporary. They must be moved around frequently, and they must be safe as they are placed in areas where there are people breathing and where there may be flammable items.

There are some issues that make construction site heaters less than simple. A construction site heater is often needed to be more powerful than a simple space heater, and they are also used to heat things differently, depending on the needs of the job. The other issue is that they cannot always be placed in areas where there is electricity, so propane heaters, or heaters with an open flame, must be used, and obviously care must be taken. Finally, a third issue is that they are can be cumbersome or difficult to move, and sometimes they need to be set up quickly.

Is there a better solution?

Construction site heaters needs to be moved easily, quickly, and safely. With freedom. A better solution would be to have electric heaters that can be moved easily and set up with ease. Moving the heater should be no more difficult than moving a fan, or an extension cord.

So how do construction site heaters work?

Plug and play construction site heaters can be easily managed. Install a distribution panel and you are good to go. Add the proper extension cords as needed and everything can be moved and changed as required. Depending on how large the site and its needs are, there can be a single system, or a bigger three-phase system with ability to move the heaters around and set them to different wattages for different needs.

Construction site heaters are essential in the winter to warm things up, and in the summer to dry things up. There are many different purposes, whether you are setting up a temporary site, or a permanent one. Heaters not only warm things up, they make everything healthier and cleaner. If you have access to electrical heaters, they are safer, less expensive, and simpler to manage. Visit our website for more information.

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