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Portable Heater Systems "Plug & Play" Heating

Heater Rentals and Sales of our 9 kW, 15 kW, and 30 kW electric heater systems, single phase or three phase, are truly portable. They can be moved from room to room as requirements change, without re-wiring for every move.

Place the heaters in stubbornly cold spaces during the winter, and simply unplug and store them away during the Summer.

Our "Plug & Play" network puts your staff in allows you to move heaters as required, to add and remove heaters, and it allows "wet trade" workers to move the commercial heaters to where they need them.

Learn more about how this system differs from renting heaters or buying other industrial heating components here: How It Works.

Portable heat where you need it

Rentals and Sales, our heater system relies upon ETL Listed, time proven electric heaters, a UL Listed proprietary distribution panel, and “heater extension cords” to allow portable heaters to be distributed, and moved, as circumstances dictate on the site.

Once our 200 amp panel is powered up (208 volts or 480 volts), heaters can be placed at various locations as you require, by adding our proprietary heater extension cords. One twist lock on each end, flip the switch, and you have heat!

Our 9 kW single phase & 15 kW three phase construction heaters are almost completely silent, the 30 kW is only slightly less so.

All of the sizes are suitable for event spaces and easily tucked away to be non-obtrusive.

Electric Radiant Heaters

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, these heaters are used with a stylish 6' stand (some minor assembly required).

1500 Watts (5118 BTU's) | Plug into a 110VAC outlet

Great for restaurant outdoor seating, parking valet waiting areas, smoking areas at events, and anywhere people have to stand in line outside.

In Stock, available for immediate delivery.

Infrared heaters are not affected by wind or drafts, as they warm people and objects, not the air. The heaters are rain and snow resistant, are made with a powder-coated aluminum body, and are lightweight.

This product is available for rent. Please Contact us for pricing on rentals.

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